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Blood Suckers Slot Online

Blood Suckers may seem like a strange name for an online slot game. But in this case, it fits the slot’s theme and content to a T. Some slot titles tell a first-time player little or nothing about what the game is all about but not Blood Suckers. No one goes into this game clueless about what to expect. What the title says is exactly what you get!

Blood Suckers is not for everyone. If you prefer lighthearted, upbeat slots that–win or lose–will put a smile on your face every time, Blood Suckers is the polar opposite. It’s a thrill a minute type of slot. But it will also send chills down your spine. If it has you smiling, it will be from the unusually high percentage of winning combinations, not because the images on the screen are fun to look at.

If you like gory horror films and vampire-themed TV shows, you will probably enjoy playing Blood Suckers. But if you’re the least bit squeamish, beware. The haunting soundtrack and barrage of bloody images on the reels will scare the living daylights of you. If you detest gory horror films and macabre TV shows because the sight of blood terrifies you, but you’re curious to try this slot anyway, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Blood Suckers basics

Blood Suckers is an online video slot by the world renowned manufacturer NetEnt. It consists of five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed paylines. It was released back in 2009, so it’s been around for a while, but maybe you were put off by the name and avoided playing it. If so, as long as you can accept the theme for what it is, this slot is worth playing. Compared to PA online slots in general, the rate of return is exceptional.

If you’re game, let the adventure begin as you take to the streets of London to hunt down some vicious Victorian Age vampires who have been terrorizing the residents but, hopefully, will prove no match for you. On the contrary, this slot game may be the only opportunity you’ll ever get to try to follow in the footsteps of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

By NetEnt, one of the most trustworthy names in online casino gambling

If you have been playing online slots for any length of time, it is impossible not to have heard of NetEnt. Some of your favorite go-to slots probably bear the NetEnt label, as this company is one of the leading and most highly respected manufacturers and providers of slots and table games for online casinos all over the world. What makes every product in its catalog a standout is the way NetEnt seamlessly combines advanced cutting edge online and mobile gaming technology with highly entertaining but not gimmicky gameplay so you get great bang for your buck.

Slot players comprise a very diverse group of people with different game tastes, bankrolls, and playing styles. NetEnt recognizes this and offers slots that encompass a wide variety of themes. So even if Blood Suckers isn’t calling your name, there are other NetEnt slots that will.

All NetEnt slots, including Blood Suckers, pay close attention to detail. The theme is never in doubt because everything from the symbols on the reels to the graphics, animations, sound effects, and thrilling and sometimes highly lucrative bonus features reflects that theme.

Exceptional return to player (RTP)

Another characteristic of NetEnt slots is their consistently high RTP. Every slot bearing the NetEnt label has an RTP of 96% or higher, which is far superior not only to what you will find in most Pennsylvania land-based casinos but among online slots as well.

However, Blood Suckers has an RTP of 98.0%, which puts it in a class by itself. You will have a very hard time finding another slot game, either online or offline, with an RTP that high. Blood Suckers even has less of a house edge (the reciprocal of the RTP) than European roulette and many online video poker games.

The RTP is an estimate based on data gathered over a great many spins over a long period of time, not a single playing session. But the outstanding theoretical RTP for Blood Suckers reflects the extremely high frequency with which this game pays out. The majority of the payouts tend to be small rather than large. But the net result is that even when you’re not mathematically ahead, you are probably still in the game, with an excellent chance to recoup.

Low volatility, too

Furthermore, some slots with a high RTP also have a high volatility rating, which increases the likelihood of experiencing huge swings in your bankroll. So, if you’re not adequately capitalized, despite the high theoretical rate of return, a bad run of luck early on could cause you to deplete a big chunk of your bankroll. But Blood Suckers is a low volatility slot, so you don’t have to worry about that. The combination of a very high RTP and low variance makes this game a perfect choice for low stakes players or any players with limited budgets for gambling who need to watch their bankroll carefully.

Blood Suckers bet size

Blood Suckers can be played in demo mode as well as for real money.

The number of paylines is fixed at 25. However, if the bet size displayed on the screen is too little or too much, you can adjust the amount of your bets before you start playing. Simply move your bet level or coin value (line bet) or both up or down.

You can choose a bet level from 1 to 4, while your coin value or line bet can be any of the following: .01, .05, .10, .25, or.50.

The total cost of each spin is your bet level multiplied by your line bet multiplied by 25. Therefore, the minimum bet per spin is 25 cents (1 X .01 X 25), while the maximum is $50 (4X .50 X 25).

While $50 is a substantial bet, it falls way short of the maximum bet that most modern online slots offer. If you’re a high roller and wish to bet more than $50 per spin, you might consider playing Blood Suckers 2 instead. Blood Suckers 2 has an RTP of 96.94% but extra bonus features and a maximum bet of $250. The same PA online casinos which offer the original Blood Suckers game also offer Blood Suckers 2.

Blood Suckers symbols

Given the creepy nature of this slot and the fact that vampires are creatures of the night, it should come as no surprise that the background for the reels is pitch black. Furthermore, every single symbol directly relates to the vampire theme. There’s not a playing card in sight!

Regular symbols

The eight regular symbols, in descending order of value, are as follows:

  • Male vampire with gray skin, long black hair, and a red turban
  • Male vampire with a ponytail, holding a goblet of blood
  • Bald male vampire with green skin and long pointy fingers
  • Winged female vampire
  • Blue potion vial
  • Bible with a silver cross on top
  • Antique pistol, bow, and bloodied arrow

Winning combinations are formed in the usual manner. You need three or more like symbols to appear adjacently (horizontally or diagonally) on consecutive reels, starting with the reel farthest to the left.

Special symbols

The special symbols include a wild symbol, scatter symbol, and bonus symbol.

Wild symbol

The wild symbol is a vampire biting a maiden’s neck. It can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols to help form additional paying combinations or add to existing ones. By itself, the wild symbol is also the game’s highest paying symbol. Two or more appearing adjacently on consecutive reels starting with reel 1 will produce a payout. Five of them in a row will return 7,500 coins.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is a vampire bride. If two, three, four, or five of these symbols appear simultaneously anywhere on the reels, you will win 2x, 4x, 25x, or 100x your bet, respectively. If three or more scatter symbols appear, you also receive 10 free spins with all winnings tripled! (see below).

Bonus symbol

The bonus symbol consists of a bloodied hammer and stake. If three or more land adjacently on consecutive reels starting with reel 1, that will trigger the Vampire Slaying Bonus Game (see below).

Blood Suckers special features

Blood Suckers does not offer a progressive jackpot. But between the exceptionally high RTP, extra payouts from the wild symbol and scatter symbol, and two special bonus features offering even more ways to win, you won’t miss the progressive jackpot at all.

10 free spins with triple wins

This feature is hard to trigger but worth the wait because the 3x multiplier can create some huge wins. Also, if three or more scatter symbols appear again during the free spins, you trigger 10 more free spins.

Vampire slaying bonus

As soon as the requisite three or more bonus symbols land as indicated, the screen switches to a dark chamber filled with 12 coffins. Click on one coffin at a time to open it. If it contains a sleeping vampire, a wooden stake will appear and stab the vampire in the heart. Each coffin with a vampire has a different monetary value, some high and some low. As long as there is a vampire inside, you can keep going and open another coffin. However, three coffins contain nothing but bats. As soon as you open one of those, the bonus game ends.

The Vampire Slaying Bonus is easy to trigger, but it tends not to pay as well as the free spins.

The bottom line

The eerie world of vampires is not my idea of online entertainment, but if you’re okay with it, when it comes to nonstop thrills and chills combined with extra bang for your buck, it’s as good as online slots get.


  • Thrilling, spine-chilling vampire theme with great graphics and sound effects
  • 98% RTP—one of the highest of any online slots
  • Two bonus games


  • Gory theme
  • Lower maximum bet than on many other online slots