NCAA Basketball Betting Odds


Pennsylvania sports bettors now have a variety of choices for legal retail and online sportsbooks for college basketball betting. And, unlike neighboring New Jersey, all college sports are available for wagering.

Opportunity abounds for college basketball betting throughout the regular season and during the NCAA Tournament, also known as March Madness. Check tonight’s Villanova Wildcats odds here.

Live college basketball odds

Check our real-time odds feed below for a snapshot of the current NCAA basketball lines at PA online sportsbooks. Click directly on the odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and register a new account to make your bet. See the full NCAA basketball feed on our odds page (use the drop-down menu to select “NCAAB.”)

National championship futures odds are also posted on multiple sportsbooks and updated continually as the season moves forward. Check our real-time odds feed below for current NCAA championship odds and NCAAB game odds. Click on the odds to go directly to the sportsbook, claim your bonus and register a new account to make your bet.

College Basketball Betting Apps

For betting on college basketball from your phone in Pennsylvania, DraftKings, and FanDuel sportsbooks have the most popular apps, with FOX Bet a new contender on the scene.

1. DraftKings Sportsbook app

DraftKings Sportsbook app in PA offers point spreads, moneylines, and totals for every college basketball game plus alternate point spreads and alternative totals options. You can also partake in live, in-play betting on select games with bets including 1st- and 2nd-half winners.

Futures bets are also available on the app including:

  • Which team will win the national championship
  • Which teams will make the Final Four
  • Which player will win the John R. Wooden Award for College Basketball Player of the Year

The DraftKings app is available on iOS and Android.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook app

FanDuel offers the core wagers for all college hoops games: point spread, moneyline, and total points. Also, there’s individual over/under totals for the home and away team. If you don’t get a chance to place your bet prior to tip-off, FanDuel offers live, in-play betting on select games. Futures bets include:

  • Odds on making the Final Four
  • Odds on winning the national championship
  • Probability of receiving a No. 1 seed
  • Picking the conference of the national champion (Big 12, ACC, Big East, etc.)

There are also futures wagers on individual conference winners for the Big East, Big Ten, ACC, and other conferences. FanDuel offers pricing for the individual player to be honored with the Wooden trophy.

When is March Madness 2023?

After the announcement of the field on Selection Sunday (March 12), March Madness begins two days later with the First Four play-in games.

The first and second rounds start on Thursday March 16, and the Sweet 16 begins the following Thursday.

The 2023 Final Four and National Championship game takes place April 1 – April 3 in Houston. Here are the key dates for the tournament:

  • March 14 – 15 First Four
  • March 16 – 19 First and second rounds
  • March 23 & 25 East Regional and West Regional
  • March 24 & 26 Midwest Regional and South Regional
  • April 1 Final Four
  • April 3 National Championship Game

Pennsylvania programs expected to get a high seed in the 2023 NCAA tournament include Villanova and Penn St. Check our full guide to betting on March Madness in PA here:

March Madness Free Bracket Challenge Contests

While betting on individual March Madness games is typically your best bet for making a profit, the ubiquitous bracket pool is the usual entry point into March Madness betting.

Beyond filling out a bracket among friends or co-workers for your yearly bracket pool you can also find free and paid bracket challenges at online sportsbooks. A couple of particular note:

DraftKings $30k Survivor Pool – The pool is open to players across the US. Free to play, you simply need to pick a team each day. If that team wins, you move on to the next round.

FanDuel $5k Pick’em – Pick the game winners to rack up points. The best scoring brackets win real cash prizes.

BetMGM Bracket Challenge – it’s $100k for the best-scoring bracket and a whopping $10 million if anyone nails a perfect entry in this free-to-play contest.

March Madness Second Chance Pools 2023

Ok, so what happens if you’re completely out of the running after a wild first two rounds of the tourney? You can take your shot at a second chance pool which begins with the Sweet 16. DraftKings has a pair of options that are completely free to play.

  • Free $20k Second Chance Bracket Presented by State Farm: Just like the standard bracket contests, earn points for each correct pick to climb up the leaderboard.
  • Free $20k KFC Second Chance Survivor Pool: Make it to the end without missing a pick for each round to split the prize.

NCAA men’s basketball schedule: Key dates

The NCAA selection committee meets to decide which 68 schools to include in the March Madness betting pool every year. Of the 68 schools, 32 qualify automatically by winning their conference tournament. The other 36 spots are awarded based on a complex set of rankings (aka NET rating) incorporating overall performance and schedule strength.

Some key schedule dates for college basketball in 2022-23:

November 7: Start of the regular season
November-December: Thanksgiving and holiday tournaments, non-conference games, and select conference games
January – February: Conference schedules
March 1-12: Conference tournaments
March 12: Field of 68 announced
March 14: NCAA basketball tournament begins
April 1: National semifinals
April 3: National championship

NCAA Basketball AP Top 25 poll

Check out the current NCAA Basketball rankings at AP’s Top 25 Poll

College basketball betting beginners’ guide

What types of bets can I make on college basketball?

Much like other team sports, the core bets for college basketball are point spreads, moneylines, and totals aka over/unders. However, compared to the NBA, college hoops offer fewer betting options for game props on individual players.

NCAA futures and prop bets

As described above, there are futures for the national champion, making the Final Four, garnering a No. 1 seed, and player of the year. FanDuel also has futures bets listed for conference champions and which conference will win the national title.

See the current futures odds on your favorite college team at DraftKings Sportsbook or FanDuel Sportsbook above.

Prop bets are also available for individual games. Examples include whether a player will score over or under a certain number of points or if they will make a 3-pointer during the game.

Five basic college basketball betting tips

  1. Pick a team, and know your stuff: There are over 350 Division 1 college basketball teams, and games are on the schedule seven days a week. You can’t possibly collect enough information to make solid betting decisions for every game and team so pick a team or two, watch them carefully and try to make the best bets you can based on the information available.
  2. Watch the games, and check the box scores: Watch the games and then form an opinion on potential weak spots or betting opportunities. Check the box scores to identify first-half and second-half trends, player minutes, three-point shooting, rebounding advantages, etc.
  3. Take advantage of free info: A lot of great resources are available, including ESPN, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, and local sports affiliates, which follow the local teams closely. Check the summary, stat, and trend sheets available from the NCAA website as well.
  4. Follow the local media: The school’s Twitter account, local news beat writers, student newspapers, and local TV/radio stations all follow the team closely. You may receive dozens of tips and injury news throughout the season that can help you make better betting decisions.
  5. Find situational betting opportunities: “Trap” games come up often. If a team has a big game coming up against a long-time rival, they’re often ripe for an upset in the game or two leading up to it. Likewise, if a team has a knockdown, drag-out OT battle and then play again in a day or two, a letdown is possible. Check the team’s schedule and results, and you’ll find some distinct spots where a betting advantage will show itself.

NCAA College Basketball FAQ


That’s a big yes. All Division 1 men’s teams are available to bet on in Pennsylvania at a licensed sportsbook. Unlike in New Jersey, all of the colleges and universities located in Pennsylvania are also eligible for betting action.

New Jersey will not take bets on NJ college sports teams or basketball games including in-season or postseason conference tournaments that take place within the Garden State.


The NCAA selection committee has 10 members responsible for selecting, seeding, and bracketing the field for the NCAA Tournament.

Their conference nominates each committee member. Those who are selected will then serve five-year terms and represent a cross-section of the Division 1 membership.


The process for setting NCAA basketball lines is like other pro or college sports. Essentially, casinos and bookmakers try to set a line that balances the dollars being wagered on each side, so the casino has no principal risk. After the opening line is set, the line will then fluctuate as money comes in on either side of the bet.

For example, a line may open with Virginia as a -5 favorite versus North Carolina. But if the public feels that North Carolina has a great chance to cover the spread (or even win the game outright), a majority of the money might come in at North Carolina +5 and balance out the line. Then, the sportsbook would adjust the line down, e.g., Virginia -4.5 or -4, to balance out the money totals.


Since sports betting is regulated at the state level, each sportsbook in each state has a different liability on each game. In Nevada, there may be less money coming in on the Villanova side of a game, so Villanova will not be as heavy of a favorite as it is at a Pennsylvania sportsbook, where Nova fans could push the line in a different direction than in states like Nevada or Indiana.


The second-half lines are typically set as part of the in-game betting offering. The line will be a stand-alone number for the second-half scoring, regardless of the final total score. A team may be trailing 42-28 at halftime. They outscore their opponent 36-30 in the second half to “win” the second half betting line but lose the game 72-65.


Villanova has won three (1987, 2016, 2018), and LaSalle has won one (1954).