King of Atlantis Online Slot Review


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King of Atlantis Online Slot Review

The lost city of Atlantis has been the subject of films, TV shows, songs, video games, and comics. Now you get the opportunity not only to visit and explore this legendary underwater kingdom but dig up some of its hidden treasures for yourself in the online slot game King of Atlantis.

King of Atlantis basics

King of Atlantis by IGT, not to be confused with the similarly named online slot, Secrets of Atlantis, by NetEnt, is an online video slot consisting of five reels, five rows (rather than the usual three), and 40 fixed paylines.

As you can tell from the title, the game has a Greek mythology theme. The King of Atlantis is Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea.

As the game loads, you will see a blue screen with a picture of Poseidon holding a trident. Soon afterwards, if you look closely, you will see that the sea is filled with gold coins. They are the treasures that you’re hoping to scoop up.

By IGT, a brand you can trust

This particular slot was released in 2017. But IGT, short for International Game Technology, has been in the casino game manufacturing business for much longer than that. IGT is the name behind some of the most popular slots of all time, like Cats, Cleopatra, and the many variations of Wheel of Fortune. IGT also manufactures table games. So unless you are brand new to online play, you have undoubtedly played some games with the IGT label, and some might even be personal favorites of yours.

Although King of Atlantis has 40 paylines, the design and gameplay are relatively simple. Besides not offering a progressive jackpot, this game lacks the bells and whistles you will find in many other modern online slots. For example, there are no win multipliers and no interactive features like a pick’em bonus. However, thanks to a wild symbol, gigantic wilds (which we’ll discuss later), and the possibility of big wins both in the base game and in the bonus round, King of Atlantis is far from boring.

How wild do you want your slot experience to be? You decide!

Poseidon is the game’s wild symbol. During the course of the game, he’ll pop up frequently, though not always where he can actually help you.

Poseidon is always bigger than any of the other symbols, as it occupies the space of at least two adjacent reels on the same row. Any of the following combinations are possible.

  • Reels 2 and 3
  • Reels 4 and 5
  • All four reels

But sometimes, Poseidon will appear as a gigantic wild, also expanding vertically to fill up every row on these reels. At that point, you’ll hear a shout of “Poseidon!” in celebration of your impressive win.

In the best possible scenario, if you’re really lucky, a gigantic wild will fill up not just two reels but every reel but reel 1. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you will be looking at a supersize win!

Obviously, no matter how loaded the reels are with wilds and gigantic wilds, you have no control where and how often they will land. But King of Atlantis offers a unique feature whereby you do control how many wild symbols will be in play.

The default number is 20, but you can increase the number to 40, or 60 to improve your odds of getting more wild symbols, especially gigantic wilds, to land. The catch is that you have to bet more money.

King of Atlantis bet size

King of Atlantis can be played either in demo mode or for real money. Either way, you must play with all 40 paylines.

This game offers a wide range of bet sizes, especially for bigger players. However, as indicated below, both the minimum and maximum bet per spin vary, depending on how many wild symbols you decide upon.

  • 20 wilds: A minimum bet of 40 cents and a maximum bet of $800
  • 40 wilds: A minimum bet of 60 cents and a maximum bet of $1,300
  • 60 wilds: A minimum bet of 90 cents and a maximum bet of $1,800

As long as you can afford the 90 cents minimum bet or higher, your best bet is to play with 60 wilds. It’s all about being willing to take extra risks in return for a much better chance to reap big rewards.

King of Atlantis symbols

King of Atlantis contains eight regular symbols plus a wild symbol and bonus symbol.

Regular symbols

The eight regular symbols are as follows:

  • Mermaid with flame-red hair (the highest paying symbol)
  • Dolphin
  • Crown
  • Amethyst ring
  • Harp
  • Amphora (an ancient Greek jar with two handles)
  • Shell
  • Patterned stone

Except for the two highest paying symbols, the mermaid and dolphin, winning combinations are formed in the usual manner.Three or more like symbols must line up adjacently on consecutive reels starting with the reel farthest to the left. The mermaid and dolphin also pay out when just two of them appear consecutively across a payline the same way.

Special symbols

Wild symbol

The wild symbol is Poseidon. He is depicted on the reels as an elderly man with a beard and golden crown who is carrying a trident. Poseidon is always two reels wide. However, the symbol can only appear on reel 2 extending to reel 3 and/or reel 4 extending to 5. Sometimes it will also be stacked vertically.

In this game, the wild symbol only produces a payout in conjunction with other symbols. It can substitute for any other symbol except the bonus symbol to create or add to a winning combination.

If the wild symbol shows up on reels 2 and 3, you will receive an immediate payout on all winning combinations made with regular symbols in reel 1. However, if the bonus symbol (see below) shows up anywhere on reel 1, you also trigger the free spins bonus round. If the wild symbol only shows up on reels 4 and 5, a winning result is not guaranteed.

Bonus symbol

The bonus symbol is a trident, the three-pronged spear that Poseidon carries. It can only appear on reel 1. While one bonus symbol will suffice, at least one wild symbol also needs to land on the same spin to trigger the elusive free spins bonus round.

Free Spins bonus

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the free spins bonus, you win eight free spins. All triggering wild symbols will stay wild throughout the duration of the free spins, and new wild symbols might appear as well. Ideally, you will trigger the bonus with every reel but reel 1 already completely wild. That would guarantee a massive win.

What’s great about the King of Atlantis online slot

The Greek mythology theme comes up again and again in online slots. Although it’s not a subject that one can relate to directly, it holds a certain fascination for many people. It also provides a welcome escape from everyday concerns that you don’t have to be a mythology buff to appreciate. King of Atlantis is an online slot experience worth checking out because it’s fun, exciting, different, and stress-free.

Most modern online slots include a wild symbol, so it’s no surprise that King of Atlantis has one, too. But in giving this symbol the added capability to expand both vertically and horizontally, King of Atlantis takes wild to a whole new level. Also, the sight of Poseidon as big as life in the form of a gigantic wild is in itself highly entertaining.

Where King of Atlantis falls short

However, there are other areas where this slot falls short. For starters, the wild symbol is the highest paying symbol of all on some slots, but in this game, two or more wild symbols by themselves without help from other contributing symbols do not produce any payout.

The absence of any win multipliers is another disappointment, as is only a single bonus feature (eight free spins), which is hard to trigger and cannot be retriggered.

The bonus round can be very lucrative because the same wild symbols that landed on the triggering spin stay in place for the duration of all eight free spins. However, you can play for a long time without the free spins ever materializing. In that case, you hope to get enough big wins in the base game to offset the many spins that return less than the amount of your bet or nothing at all.

Even getting a gigantic wild to land doesn’t guarantee a win. If it only lands in reels 4 and 5, either the same regular symbol must appear in reels 1, 2, and 3 to form a winning combination or the bonus symbol must appear in reel 1. Otherwise you win nothing.

Furthermore, the bonus symbol can only land on reel 1. But it will only trigger the free spins if a wild symbol shows up elsewhere on the reels at the same time. So you need Poseidon like never before. After waiting with bated breath as the rest of the spin continues at a snail-like pace, if there’s no sign of Poseidon, you leave empty-handed.

Mediocre RTP

The likely occurrence of the disappointing results just described reflects the lackluster return to player (RTP) of this slot. With a published theoretical RTP ranging from 92.01% to 96.14%, if the results for your playing session fall at the bottom of this range or lower, you could be in trouble. The variance for this slot is average, which means that the swings in your bankroll shouldn’t be too extreme. But you still need to be careful and not play for higher stakes than you can comfortably afford.

The bottom line

This is the type of slot that will appeal mostly to medium to high stakes players. If you can afford to bet big and take risks, huge wins are possible. For example, betting $45 per spin in demo mode with 60 wilds in play, I won $2,400 on a single spin in the base game when gigantic wilds appeared on four of the five reels.

However, the game is not smooth sailing by any means. In your quest for a big payday, you could run into stormy waters. Meanwhile, win or lose, Poseidon will keep you happily entertained.